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Pictures From Seward

After many stops in Anchorage for supplies, we drove down to Seward on a drizzling friday afternoon. Vikki, Andre and Nic led the way in the 4-cylinder Vanagon while Sean and I tailgated in the Titan.

We set up camp and after a relitively good night's sleep and a hot breakfast, we headed out on the boat to catch halibut.
I'll write more about this 3 day adventure at a later time. For now you can view the pictures.

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Rain Thursday Around the House


CIMG1846.jpgToday I got my 8 solid hours of sleep. Sean and Andre had been on the road at least 3hours by the time I woke up at 8am. The house was quiet and I enjoyed the solitude and a cup of coffee. I was thankful for the rain but it changed my plans for an early morning hike. I put on my rain coat and boots and headed outside to feed the puppies then take them out for a short walk. They didn't seem to mind the rain at all. They wiggled when I approached their crate and I responded with a quiet affection. We took a short walk in the drizzling rain and because they were wet I didn't give the puppies a good rub down. We just took care of business, ate and back home they went till the rain let down around 11 am.

We got news from Andre and Sean around 2pm that they were heading back to Palmer with the new trailer. Margarite came over for lunch and we enjoyed leftover barley soup and fresh veggies. After lunch Vikki and Nic took a nap while Margarite opened up her laptop to show us pictures from her trip to Australia. When the youngings woke, I was eager to take a walk. The rain really let up and there were hints of sunshine on the tree leaves. We took a long walk around the quite neighborhood. An occational dog bark greeted or warned us as we passed homes along Norman Ave. Vikki and Nic decided to head back to the house but I was feeling full of energy and extented my walk to take in the freshness of Alaska.

I've been using these walks and hikes to get my CrossFit strength back. Cultivating fresh greens from the garden is an amazing treat here at the house. Alaska is where I go to get recharged and refocus.

Check out the pictures from my walk.

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First two days in Alaska

We arrived in Alaska on August 3. Vikki and Nik flew in from Buffalo half an hour before us. Andre picked us up and took us out to his favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch. After that we drove to Midnight Sun Brewing for a taste of their special brew. After that it was a Costco run and a 45 minute drive north home to Palmer.

We've enjoyed a halibut dinner and an amazing barley soup. I finally get to eat live greens picked fresh from the garden. The weather is in the 60's and I finally got in a two hour hike on Wednesday.

Check out the slide show.

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Packing for the trip

We have a lot of work to do today to prepare for Alaska. Only 4 days till departure and I must decide what to bring and what to leave behind. Overpacking is not an option this time.

Hiked Hulda Crooks with Tara at 6am. Testing out my new Columbia trail runners.

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